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  • 이영조의 피아노음악연구 성신여자대학교 박사학위 논문

    • 염혜민
    • 2015년
  • "Exploring Aspects of Korean Traditional Music in Young Jo Lee's Piano Honza Nori." DMA. Diss., University of North Texas.

    • 김진
    • 2013년
  • "이영조의 <<죽은자를 위한 4개의 노래 >> 분석 연구." 장로회신학대학교 석사학위논문

    • 김지은
    • 2012년
  • "The Musical Style and Compositional Techniques of Young Jo Lee, as reflected in his Violin Compositions 'Honza Nori' for Solo Violin and 'Doori Nori' for Violin and Piano." DMA. Diss., University of Arizona

    • 김연진
    • 2010년
  • "Korean Dance Suite for Piano by Young Jo Lee: An Analysis." DMA, Diss., Ball State University

    • 김건우
    • 2008년
  • "A Study of the Korean Opera Whang Jinie BY young Jo Lee." DMA. Diss., Arizona State University

    • 김정훈
    • 2006년
  • "Young Jo Lee: An Analysis of Stylistic Features OF the Variations for Piano on the Theme Baugogae." DMA. Diss., University of Kentucky

    • 구성복
    • 2006년
  • Young-Jo Lee's variations on the theme of Baugogae : in search of his own language, a lecture recital, together with three recitals of selected works by Haydn, Rachmaninoff, Liszt, Schumann, Messiaen, and others. "DMA. Diss., University of North Texas.

    • 권석란
    • 2000년
  • "Traditional Music and Contemporary Piano Music of Korea: Tchum by Young Jo Lee." DMA. DISS., American Conservatory of Music

    • 김경숙
    • 1991년